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We believe that investing in the future is the best way to cut a problem from its source. Net@ invests in our Girls, offering a four years program to high school students, helping them to grow in the High Tech World once they are out of school.

The High Tech Business is made of 20% women only, and this is our biggest inspiration to keep investing in our amazing talented girls, who are changing this reality year by year, showing their abilities and skills in the technological world we live in. 

In Net@, students learn about systems, networks, and the intricacies of computers. Here, the project combines academic studies in computer and network technology with practical, hands-on training.

All the students who conclude the program receive a certificate at the end of each year, starting their career with an incredible background of knowledge and experience, that boost our students with tremendous advantages into the current fierce job market. 

Special achievements to date:
Over 4,000 graduates whose lives have been changed.
100,000 annual hours of volunteer work  
50% higher success rate in matriculation exams (compared to peers)
– including in high-level English, computers, and sciences.
Our Unique model was adopted by Cisco to be implemented in Africa.