Our Mission

“I want to be, not only to exist”
People deserve the opportunity to live their lives, not only survive.

Many times we found ourselves willing to help, wishing to save the World
or to make an impact in somebody’s life. And still can be very hard to find
ways to support a cause, either by the lack of money and time, or because
simply the place doesn’t fulfill your needs of helping others.

Thousands of families are living in zones of risk all over the World.
This can be people who live in areas under constant threats and conflicts,
war zones or under the line of poverty, fighting for the basic needs daily
or struggling to survive their inhospitable society.

Together with a brave team of volunteers, we are changing these people’s realities.
Our mission goes way beyond helping just in the moment.
We build stability in people’s lives, helping them in the present, but also teaching
them how to keep on helping themselves in the future.

Ella’s tools are improving the methods of donation in order to make it accessible
to everybody, with alternative ways of making aids. Raising money by pledging an event
and inviting friends to join a cause, selling what you don’t need or buy what you need
in our market for donation, volunteer with your talent and creativity…

All this alternative ways are working and helping millions of people every year.

Get to know our projects. Get to know our ways. Get involve.

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Ella's Market

Anything at Anytime
100% of the Money Goes to Charity

Ella's Hat

Pledge a Special Date
Do Something Creative to Raise Money
Call Friends For a Crowdfunding
Donate Small Values
Spread the News

Be our Intern

Help with Your Talent
Do it From home
Get Certificate to Your Resume
And Experience
Change Someone's Life Doing What you Love

We are working to remind people how to dream.
But we are not working alone!
Join us and be a part of the change in someone’s life.