Volunteering in Africa

Volunteering in Africa for sure is one of the most deep and mindfully experiences in the life those who decide to dedicate a period of their lives to help others.

The impact in small communities of our volunteering are showing everyday not only in the better resolutions of life in society but also in their smiles



But… HOW?!

A lot of times we say that, if you use your creativity, you can save lives. And, guess what, it’s true.

How come a place with so many natural resources can sometimes dye of hunger? Our job is instruct them to use what they have for their good sake.  Through experiential learning, the agriculture team hand over interactive lessons on root plants, growing methods, biology and nature.

What’s the best way to learn a foreigner language? Visit a place that nobody speaks yours! With simple and lean methods, our volunteers teach English and we also help with leadership activities, so they will have not only more power of communication, but skills for their future, to encourage people to speak out and stand up, to communicate better in order to get better opportunities in every level of their lives.



We have projects in Ghana, Uganda, Ethiopia and South Africa and we receive young guys and girls from Youth Movement all over the World.


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