5 Tips To Succeed With Your Hat!

1. Sharing is caring

Make your friends aware of your crowdfunding by sharing the link to your hat on your social medias. But make sure to share with your closest friends and families in a much more particular way, by sending them a direct message. This inspires the donation and make other people more comfortable to donate it too, because make the project look more realistic to them.

2. “Kiss”

“Kiss” is abbreviations for “Keep it SUPER simple”. Don’t scare your friends with big explanations of your project and don’t let them confused. Make them feel like everybody can join and help in a easy and fun way (which is the whole deal of your hat!)

3. Keep them posted!

Update your friends with your numbers and keep them posted of what their donation can do! You can use Ella’s project videos and photos to keep them inspired

4. Make an excellent content

You can write about it, talk about it or ever make a video about it! That’s one of the things we can help you how to do it! You can tell us more about your project and what do you need from us and we can create something unique for you to share with your friends!

5. Don’t forget the e-mail!

I know it may sound weird to say the word “e-mail” in a non professional context but, believe it or not, e-mails are the number one in achievements of donations! Unlike Facebook, people open their e-mail only when they have time, so they give the right attention to your content. 

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