Ella Who?!

Ella is a nonprofit in a mission to bring safety, better opportunities and hope to people in Israel, living in areas of risk, war zones or in unprivileged places. We are also responsible to bring Jews back to their homeland, providing every support needed.

Our goal is to improve the ways to help and make it easier to join a cause you believe in. We are developing alternative tools of raising money and creating new platforms of good deeds. We are making volunteer and donations accessible to those who always wanted to help but never found ways – or never had opportunities to do it.
Get to know our projects. Get involved. Join me in this amazing adventure of saving lives.

We are not looking for big donors. We are looking for big hearts.


We Make it Possible Thanks to Our Alternative Ways to Raise Money

If you want to change the World, start by changing the whole World of one person.

More than 48000

families receive support
every year thanks to your help


Private donors cover our operating
costs so 100% of your donations
go to charity projects

$1 Makes a Difference

The only way to make a difference in this World is if we are together! With small donations and sharing the projects, we are able to build a pretty big team of good deeds!

We Prove Every Project

We keep every volunteer informed with photos and news on the projects he is helping to keep alive.
We are always available to answer your questions and listening to your advises and opinions.

Why Ella?

We are improving new and easy ways to make donations accessible to everybody. So every small donation has practically the same impact to our projects: they are huge and extremely necessary.