Youth at Risk

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Israel?

I’m sure many thoughts popped up, but Israeli’s disadvantaged places and peripheries were not one of the things that crossed your mind. 

Today in Israel, we have more than 400.000 people willing for help in areas considered of risk. High criminality, poverty and, to top it all, under constant threats. The tricky part is that many of us have not even a slightly knowledge about it.

The Youth Futures Project  started as a bold experiment in 2005, with only 500 kids, and now serves over 14,000 children and their families in 36 locations throughout Israel. We bring families together, help the parents to find good jobs and keep the kids at school, offering financial and emotional help to all, so they can increase their relationship at home and be emotional independent to believe in a better life, different from what they used to know.

Our focus is to bring not only what is needed in the present, but everything they need to build a solid future.  We provide our children with extra classes after school, that not only keep them out of the dangerous streets, but also afford them with academic knowledge to be used in their future careers.

In 12 years of program, 98% of our kids either went to college or to Tzavah, changing their lives completely, having a chance in society – bringing them from risk to promise.